Reiki / Equine Session testimonials

Reiki is a unique experience for everyone.

Here are few people  willing to share their experiences.

“I’ve had all of my reiki treatments done by Ronda and have been truly amazing at what has surfaced because of it. In the beginning I was unsure of the process, but was in awe over the results. Not only was I feeling relaxed and more positive but I’ve also learned that I am truly never alone, no matter the situation. Through Ronda (reiki being the beginning of it all, now equine healing) I have met my spirit guide and was able to change how I view the world and everyone who experiences it. I have thus been able to live a more joyful and full life and I am grateful for everything I was able to receive. May light shine upon you in all your journeys!” –  A.F.

“I think this is fairly amazing and I believe in it.  I also believe that you have a brilliant gift and I hope you continue to put it to use“.-T.F.



*all testimonials are offered voluntary and are in no way compensated for their submission.


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