Product & Services Information

Reiki treatments for people run about  1 .5- 2 hours $60.00

Reiki treatments for animals can be 15 min – 1 hour $20-40.oo/hour

Equine Sessions $65.00 per person ( group rate is buy two get one free)

will travel for treatments for both animals and people

Equine Session clinics contact me for details on pricing

NEW 2014! Balanced Connection : Riding with Mind, Body & Soul clinics available contact for pricing.

Here is the list of the outstanding products that are offered from OmMANNA in British Columbia,

where the center of this natural occurring source of ORMUS White Gold is naturally made.

OmMANNA ORMUS Gold ~personal use dropper~ 1 oz. (approx. 3 month supply) $ 65.00 CDN

Personal use 1-8 drops per day under the tongue.  You want to start with 1 drop and gradually increase your usage until you feel “pushed”; at that point you then back off one drop.

Shake well with each usage. ( The liquid in the dropper should be cloudy and not clear. )

The white Gold powder on the bottom is what is left behind after the liquid molecules have been completely saturated (1-2 refills is typical and can be purchased as well; reducing waste)

Each bottle contains an amethyst crystal that is mono-atomically programmed and can be re-used in any liquid.

The reason the amethyst is in each bottle is it vibrates peace, prosperity, health, abundance, & helps aid in absorption.

Store away from sunlight, avoid freezing, and electrical and electro-magnetic field.

OmMANNA ~personal spray ~2 oz (approx. 6 month supply) $ 110.00 CDN

 1 spray is equivalent to 3 drops so use maximum three times a day.

Anti-aging / cellular regeneration, scar and wrinkles removal.  Spray directly on skin.

Medical first aid for burns, cuts etc. , spray directly onto skin.

2 oz. spray is great for sunburns, plants, pets, skin hydration and the “healthy” glow.

because this is a spray there will be very little white precipitate powder remaining in the container.

OmMANNA ~ 1 liter Spa water~ $110.00 CDN

Can also be used as a spray {1 part ORMUS spa water to 4 parts distilled}

ORMUS water is a byproduct of the ORMUS Gold and contains other trace elements and minerals that are essential to our health and the health of our plants and animals.

You can accidentally drink this water; it won’t hurt you, as it has gentle healing capabilities. The body can assimilate this much easier.

OmMANNA ~4 liter fertilizer (can also be purchased as a 1 liter )~ $110.00 CDN


*All of our produts are concentrated formulas……please follow instructions as they will serve you the best way. These products are a part of a healthy lifestyle and in no way claim to “heal ” you. Please consult a physician about taking this or any other natural product before using.


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