OmMANNA (ORMUS white gold)

I am proud to present OmMANNA ORMUS white gold.  Here is how I discovered this product and how it has changed my life.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. I ,like many other people who are diagnosed with this disease , didn’t know where to turn.  Since I have young children I chose to go the traditional route of using radiation and chemotherapy, but I also knew that alternative treatment was an option that I could not refuse to acknowledge and use.  I started taking OmMANNA ORMUS white gold powder during my treatment, and through radiation and chemotherapy treatment I was taking one drop a day. Two weeks after my treatment I increased my dosage from 1 drop a day sublingually to 5 drops a day. This is when I began to notice big changes.

The reason I started to take this product as part of my therapy is because of the amazing ability for it to enhance the cells in our body.  It increases the communication from cell to cell and allows the body to become an efficient machine as it should be and encourages the body to achieve homeostasis.  To me this was worth a try.  It was naturally made and 100 % pure (no chemicals).

After 1 month I began to reduce my dose I went from 5 drops under the tongue to 3 drops and then to 1 a day.  I had my full energy back after 2 months post treatment , along with my mental clarity . I then began to notice physical changes, like My skin began to feel softer, my hair looking fuller, my nails stronger and I was able to sleep through the night .  The biggest “ah ha” moment was when I could feel my state of presence and I felt like I was “awakened” to the power of  being in the moment.  This is what I was missing.  Joy came back into my life and my body was keeping up with my transformation.  I didn’t have the normal stresses that I would have .  Things like ” I wish I did….” or  ” I feel guilty I didn’t do……” , things like this became a waste of my time and I was able to let go of the little stuff , which in turn allowed me to make more room for happiness and joy along with physical well-being.

After 4 months I was still feeling stronger and ready to take the leap and start getting this out to people, and that is when I became a distributor.  I knew this could help other people, which led me to researching this element extensively and what I found was amazing.  It allows your body to work as it should and helps it achieve balance something so many of us need.

6 months has passed since I finished treatment and I have no fatigue, no pain, no lactose issues, and my state of health is great.  I am excited about what is yet to come and look forward to the new adventures that are beginning.

Check out the products page for more details on what is offered and my research page “the science behind the magic” for more details on the OmMANNA ORMUS white gold.


* This product is in no way to replace a physician. Please consult a doctor before taking this product as you would for any other natural product that you are adding to your daily vitamin routine.


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