Equine Sessions & Clinics

The term “Equine Session clinic ” is something I wrote 2 years ago but had no idea what it meant.  Now I understand.  I have now been able to merge the two things I am passionate about {horses and healing}

I have been using reiki on my horses and animals for over 9 years now and they accept this energy work so easily.  I am amazed at how much they seem to request it even after a hard days work.  The past 2 years has pushed my animals and myself to new boundaries.  We have all pushed past our limitations and have been able to expand in ways unimaginable. We began our journey this past summer into a new direction where I had to give back to my horses.  All the strength, trust, commitment and passion they had given me I now had to give to them, and they embraced the energy work. Here is a photo of one of the moments captured in their field.

090I knew that my bond with my horses is something to be amazed by, but what took me by surprise is that the other horses in the field started to communicate with me as well.  The term horse whisperer is used a lot these days . I feel that they whisper and I listen. In this photo you see the gelding walk up to join our circle.


I truly rediscovered something I had lost.  I always knew I connected in a different way with horses. This is when I finally accepted and understood what it is they want and need.  I feel like they have chosen me and not only that, they have allowed me to assist in what they do for people and other animals. Here is my mare and gelding starting to help the new horse who joined our circle.095I have spent the late summer, fall and beginning of winter learning how to listen.  How to hear their whispers . I am excited because now I can offer this opportunity to you.  You can ask the hard questions and find the answers you need to live your life to the fullest. Be accepted for who you are and what you can become.  Horses have been apart of my life since I was a young girl and people would laugh and say, “it is like she talks to them”. Now I feel that they must have seen what was coming. I am opening this up to all interested and I can even come to your place for clinics and talk about the power of energy work and equine connection.  Contact me for more information.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


One thought on “Equine Sessions & Clinics

  1. I am so proud!!! Seeing this fills me with joy, knowing that this powerful healing and partnership is now being shared!!!! You are truly amazing and you and your horses will do great things!!! Thank you for your gift of light!!

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