My name is Ronda Cann.  I am a Reiki master and have been using reiki as part of my horse training business for six years.  I first discovered reiki when I was seeking out alternative treatments for my cat, who was suffering from kidney failure.  My cat had become my companion for 15 years and I owed him this in his “senior” days.

 I was introduced to reiki and began to feel the power of energy.  I started my training in 2004 and began treating my cat, and to my surprise he responded and his health began to improve.  I than started to use it as part of my training approach to challenging horses.  After I exhausted all my training methods and was left with no other answer, I turned to reiki, and again I was amazed by the results. This confirmed to me that this is another tool to have for my training, but that it would also become something more.  This brought me to completing my master teaching  in 2009 ,and starting my own practice offering treatments for people and animals.

In the year 2011, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and it was devastating as you can imagine. Again, I turned to reiki and this time I was also introduced to ORMUS gold and little did I know that it would change my life for the better.  This alternative treatment has now led me to becoming a Reiki practitioner, and a OmMANNA ORMUS gold distributor.

Sometimes it is the whispers that guide us on our journey and all we have to do is sit back and listen.

Check out the rest of the pages in my blog for more information on Reiki treatments, and information on OmMANNA ORMUS Gold.

You can also expereince my journey at www.redsox2woolsocks.wordpress.com


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