Saying Goodbye is so hard…..

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do especially when we know it is forever.

This week we lost an amazing horse “Sir Lancelot”. He was part of my training program for three years and not only did I enjoy training him, showing him, and loving him, but I also loved teaching his owner “his” new riding style that he requested. He taught me so much. He taught me how to stand in my power and how being a great leader requires strength, kindness and compassion. I will miss him dearly. Most of all I know how much my friend’s heart is aching. He will continue to be a part of “my training” just in a different place and like Lionheart said ” He is not lost, he is just not in this form anymore”.

Tribute from Lance

I’ll reach for you with my muzzle in the cold of winter.

I’ll ride with you in the heat of summer.

But if my short life can’t reach the dawn of spring.

I promise, in heaven, I’ll reach you with my wings.


Thank you Sir Lance


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