Good Vibrations

As a mother and Reiki master I understand the importance of positive and negative energies. When my daughter was coming home from school feeling drained and upset with any requests I asked, and me getting frustrated with her, I knew I had to help her {for the sake of the family :)}.  I had to come up with a tool that she could use instead of holding this negative energy that would allow her to shift herself.  I came up with the gratitude jar.

I was looking at an empty cookie jar thinking what will I put into this jar….cookies….treats… candy….fruit….and then it dawned on me Happiness.


What we do is everyday at the end of our dinner we write, draw, doodle (from her 2-year-old brother) a positive thing that happened today.  It can be anything from something nice you did, what made you feel good today, and even something nice that some one did for you.  At the end of the month we will have a “gratitude celebration” where we take out all the notes from the jar and look at all the wonderful things that happened in the month and celebrate the joy that we are part of and of course repeat this every month.

I am then going to collect these notes and copy them and make a gratitude journal for the family so we can take a look back into when we feel the negative energies creeping in and may even become a great bed time story /quiet time addition to our library.

Sometimes we get so busy and we forget how important it is to bring joy and kindness into our lives and especially our families. Even more important is when you find your family falling down the slippery slope of negative energy when everyone is fighting, and screaming, and time outs have been exhausted and you are exhausted. You can turn the channel to something good. Which just might help everyone see the good in each other and could shift the house into the positive transition of working together and creating the space you desire.

Watch the children get encouraged by positive thinking and see everyone in your family begin to  feel the ripple effect and the power of acknowledging acts of kindness and start feeling these good vibrations.


3 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. I did a very similar thing..only I used card stock and wrote down at supper each thing tthey were happy about. Our Family Happy List! The first few days it was material items and then it became non-material friend was nice etc, it was so surprising the little things that made the kids happy as well. We also had guest weekly at supper , even hubbie’s boss once, they too had to say what they were happy about at our supper table. I reread day before or few day before happy list before lisiting for that day. It really helped for positiveness especially during some hard times. It was especially nice to hear your 3 yr old say if front of their nanny, without prompting,how happy she was that Nanny was visiting this week!

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