Just added a few new informative pages to my website to check out.  Lots of new things and still more to come!!

Keep checking back to see the details of what to expect from an Equine Reiki clinic, and new testimonials about the experiences people are having with OmMANNA and Reiki.


Some information to share : did you know that most people are not getting enough fluid and are feeling tired even after a “few”/pot  of coffee.  This is caused by dehydration. Try this new technique and see if it helps keep you going throughout the day .

Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee first thing in the morning try drinking some warm water (8 oz) before your cup o’ joe and continue that throughout the day to stay ahead of your dehydration.



2 thoughts on “Updates

    • Maisha,
      No it does not have to be warm, but Deepak Chopra mentioned warm water is good for your body especially in the morning to help ease into the day.
      I like my water room temp 🙂

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