A new (but old ) adventure

Here it is my first post on my new adventure. What it is to become a Reiki practitioner with a passion for helping animals and people.  My passion began at 9 years old, but was truly discovered  when I began to teach and train horses. I would work with the most challenging horses, and try to find the soul connection, and in turn try to teach the rider how to have a horse and rider bond that would bring out the best potential of the team, and in the end creating the best partnership. This was something I did without labeling it as energy work.  I left United States and moved to Canada and began my journey with Reiki and equine training.  I understood the power and now I had the tool.

I have been using my techniques to work with animals first, and the results were amazing and I began to offer treatments to my students as well.  The horses began to show me that this is what I needed.  That with the energy work I began to see the differences and that my animal communication was even better than what I have ever experienced before.

My horses began to work through their fears and they would allow me to assist them and “take the reins” to help guide them into their true potential. This spoke to me in volumes, and so began my quest of becoming a Reiki master and to owning my own practice.  A practice that is truly to promote the assistance to help people and animals  shift into their true potential.  The name of my company Reiflections is a representation of the power and light of reiki that allows us to see ourselves in a new light and giving us a glimpse of the reflection we make, and who we are meant to be.


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